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Building an audience: Website vs Word of Mouth

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“I don’t need a website – I get all of my work via word of mouth.”

How many times have you heard people in the trade say that? Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself.

This is, unfortunately, rather shortsighted. In 2021, every business needs a website, no matter what service or product you’re offering.

But word of mouth of course has a part to play. So, in the interests of balance, let’s look at the benefits of both. While the title of this blog might suggest a battle, it’s actually a comparison of why a website and word of mouth are both equally useful for people in the building trade.

Benefits of a website

1. It’s where most people start their journey

What do you do when you need to buy something? Unless it’s your weekly shop, you probably pick up your phone and head straight for Google. Your customers do the same.

2. It’s no longer a consideration

There was a time when we used to say “well, here are the reasons you might want a website.”

That time is long gone. A website is now an imperative for every single business, and it has been for the last decade.

3. It’ll make the perfect first impression

Websites – when built correctly – are beautiful, engaging and capable of delivering the best first impression you could hope for, without an ounce of effort on your part.

4. It’s somewhere to place your best work

Websites act as brilliant portfolios for your best work. Sure, you might have a Facebook page, but a website is yours, and you can display those images in any way you see fit.

5. It’s a place for customers to sing your praises

Word of mouth works for your website, too. People who visit it will want to see what past customers think of your services, and there’s nowhere better to place those kind comments.

Benefits of word of mouth marketing

1. It requires zero effort

It’s about the most pleasurable form of marketing you can undertake, to be honest. You simply do a great job and people recommend you – simple!

2. It builds

The better you get at your trade and the more people you impress, the more word of mouth recommendations you’ll get. Like so many things in life, when you put the effort in, the rewards naturally arrive.

3. It offers quick conversions

People listen to other people. If someone recommends you, it’s far more likely to result in a new customer than spending money on advertising.

4. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy

There’s nothing like being recommended. It’s proof that your hard work isn’t going unnoticed and that people genuinely admire your craft. There’s no better feeling as the owner of a small business.

5. It’s the best social proof you can get

Those comments you add to your website are gold dust, but not much beats the power of social proof when a recommendation is delivered in person.


Here’s the rub: a website and word of mouth cannot exist without one another if you’re serious about building a sustainable, profitable business in the trade.

So, is it time to start getting your website sorted? You can bet your bottom dollar it is!

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